This Granite Stater Combines Passions for Nature and Arts

Senator Maggie Hassan
2 min readAug 31, 2022

I am honored to recognize Evan Crotty of Wilton as August’s Granite Stater of the Month. Twelve-year-old Evan is cleaning up every street in his town over the next year — and the money he is raising through the initiative will go to his middle school’s music department.

Evan Crotty of Wilton, August’s Granite Stater of the Month

When it came time for Evan to choose a bar mitzvah project, he knew he wanted to start a community cleanup because of his deep appreciation of nature. Last summer as a boy scout, Evan hiked 75 miles and learned about how to preserve nature, leaving no trace behind on trails. In addition, Evan had done many community cleanups before with his family, and he was excited to expand those efforts into a year-long project.

Teaming up with a community cleanup expert, Evan launched his project, beginning the process of going street by street in Wilton and removing the plastic bags, cans, and trash that litter the area.

Already a couple of weeks into the project, Evan has felt the support from neighbors passing by who have given him a supportive honk from their cars or thanked him for his work.

As part of the project, Evan is also fundraising online and donating the proceeds to his middle school’s music department. After performing in Wilton-Lyndeborough Cooperative Middle High School’s production of Matilda, Evan knew he wanted to support his theater department so that other students could have the positive experience that he had by participating in a show.

Evan hopes that when neighbors drive by and see him removing trash and other litter, they will be inspired to also care for the natural spaces around them. In addition, it is a testament to Evan’s passionate spirit that he is also fundraising for the arts through his cleanup project.

I am grateful to Evan for his work and for inspiring Granite Staters to each take steps to better their own communities. He represents the very best of our Granite State spirit, taking the initiative to make a difference.



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